About Us

Hi there!

Our business focuses on providing companies with the opportunity to rank their websites highly on Google, which in turn generates sales without having to advertise.

The use of our products provides a cost effective method of getting visibility for a company through their website.

We work with our clients to provide a holistic approach to SEO which doesn’t only include onpage SEO. We work closely to provide a great experience of which our clients are in total control of.

We are a team of Australian SEO practitioners who have been doing SEO for a decade.

Of all the services that we provide, we believe that Search Engine Optimization services are what small and medium sized businesses demand for the most.

We are also looking to expand our team of 48 (currently we have 13 SEO consultants and 25 link builders) to 84 over the next 2 years, to cater for the international business, as we grow.

We are excited about our future, as well as yours – our clients!

Helping our clients to succeed online is the primary objective of this business. We hope to serve you with all of our skills and we look forward to a long term business relationship with you!

For higher profits and beyond,

Jenny Scott

CEO VIP Backlink