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Originality and uniqueness are very good traits to have in life but when it comes to SEO one should not try to reinvent the wheel. Don’t spend any time, effort or money on gaining backlinks and promoting your Social Media without knowing what the top ranked competitors have done already. This does not only apply to money, time and effort but also to the Off-site SEO strategy one must pursue. If your competitors have strong backlinks from press sites such as the BBC, NY times; instead of pouring money into directory listings and time on blog / forum commenting, spend it on press releases. If their Social Media Presence is stronger than their backlinks do the same. If their backlink anchor text is strongly focused around the targeted term, do it too (yet beware that over 50% of all backlinks should be of a broad or brand anchor text). Don’t worry if you feel like a copycat because this is just in the beginning, once you’ve matched the competition then you can hit the other lacking areas hard and you can be as original and unique as your heart wants to be when promoting your site.


In a nutshell you should never forget that especially when it comes to SEO it pays off to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.


This post was written by Aires Loutsaris, The Open University’s SEO Manager, the biggest university in the UK.

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