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Don’t use software

There are lots of people offering software that scrapes article syndication sites and/or the web for content, re-arranges it, and spits out hundreds of articles.   My experience is it would have been easier and certainly faster to write the articles myself, or hire someone to do it.

Automated re-writes of scraped content seems to work on the Search Engines for now, but how long it is going to last is anyone’s guess.  The achilles heel of automation is that it has to use templates and will always leave a footprint that other automated systems (ie bots & crawlers) can easily detect.

Price vs. Turnaournd time

Most freelance writers take on more contracts than they can handle and juggle turn-around times to maximise immediate cash flow.  At any moment they only have a few contracts to work on, although they have many outstanding.  Sound familiar?

Knowing this, expect to get a low price with a longer turnaround, OR a short turnaround with a higher price.

Low or High?

Don’t choose the lowest price and don’t choose the highest.  Review what they say and examples of their work and make a decision on which one you like first, then look at cost.

A team is also important.  Ofter ‘a freelancer’ represents a small group who work together.  With a team of 5 people writing 20 articles, you get different approaches and points of view. I give preference and pay a slightly higher price for a team.


Qualifications are important in relation to what you need.  I like newspaper writers  because they are in the business of writing snappy headlines and catchy articles, which is what I like for my sites.

Other sites may prefer novelists or technical writers to suit the tone of their sites.

Contracting out or outsourcing is still work — just a different kind of work.  Managing freelancers takes some skill and practice and if done properly, can increase productivity and lower costs substantially.

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